TikTok parents share brilliant technique for getting toddlers excited about learning: ‘So cute yet effective’

These TikTok parents shared their trick for getting their toddler interested in learning new words, and it’s so brilliant!

DeAnn and Alyssa (@dna_williams) are parents who share adorable videos of their toddler Wyatt on TikTok. DeAnn and Alyssa recently shared a video showing how they get Wyatt excited about learning, and their strategy is brilliantly simple!

The strategy? They do the activity with each other while their toddler is in the room, but without explicitly including them, to demonstrate how fun learning can be!

DeAnn and Alyssa demonstrate exactly how their strategy works in the video, which has racked up 1.5 million views and counting. DeAnn sits across from Alyssa and acts as the “teacher,” while Alyssa plays the role of the “student.” Wyatt, meanwhile, sits a few feet away from her parents, playing with a toy by herself, and is initially oblivious to the lesson that is unfolding. 

DeAnn starts by reading a word off of a flashcard, then asks Alyssa to repeat it to her. “Stand,” DeAnn says. “Can you say ‘stand?’”

“Stand,” Alyssa repeats, and DeAnn rewards her with a high five. 

In a caption, the parents explain that their strategy is all about demonstrating how the lesson works, and then praising the student for participating. 

“Good job,” DeAnn says to Alyssa, before choosing a new word to read

As DeAnn and Alyssa go through the exercise, Wyatt gradually stops playing with her toy, and becomes curious about what her parents are doing. When she sees them high fiving, she immediately wants to get in on the action, and reaches out to give DeAnn a high five. 

After DeAnn reads a few more words, Wyatt reaches out towards Alyssa, hoping to be picked up, so she can participate in the lesson.

“Let them decide when they want to join,” a caption reads. 

After giving Alyssa one more word to say, DeAnn turns to Wyatt, who is now visibly excited. “Okay, Wyatt, this one’s for you! Can you say ‘bed?’” she asks. 

Bed!” Wyatt replies, and then reaches out to give both of her parents enthusiastic high fives. 

Viewers were impressed by DeAnn and Alyssa’s teaching strategy.

“As a preschool teacher, my co-teacher and I always act out scenarios to teach social emotional skills, but I never thought of this! Great idea for a toddler,” one viewer wrote. 

“I love this because the kid turns around like, ‘Wait a second, I want to do that!’” another viewer observed. 

“Y’all are amazing parents, I swear,” wrote another impressed TikToker. 

Instead of cajoling or coercing Wyatt into participating in lessons, DeAnn and Alyssa employ a clever but simple strategy. They get her excited about learning, by showing that learning can be fun!

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