Mom cuts paper towel roll in half to teach kids a lesson: ‘This is actually a great idea’

A mom shared a genius way to save on paper towel rolls — especially if your kids like to take a generous helping

Paper towels are convenient and sometimes the best way to clean up a mess. However, they do have a negative environmental impact and can contribute to deforestation and the climate crisis. Sometimes we can go a little overboard with how many paper towels we use when we’re being absent-minded. 

Children can be the biggest offenders when they’re young since they don’t exactly have the ability to gauge how much they need.

Sara, aka @shessunday on TikTok, came up with a brilliant way to save on paper towels by making them easier for her kids to use. 

“Saw this on TikTok and I had to try it,” the mom said in the caption. “Great for kids because mine take like three at a time.” 

The mom took a paper towel roll and used a sharp knife to cut it in half. Now, the next time her kids decided to take three sheets for a small mess, they’re only taking half as much. 

“OMG. I jumped up and did this! Genius,” one person commented

“This is actually a great idea,” another said

“I’m going to do this. My daughter takes three to four just to wipe a tiny drop of spillage,” a user wrote

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