A tollbooth worker is going viral for showing the ‘scary’ journey she takes to work

A tollbooth worker is going viral after sharing the wild way she starts her workday.

The viral clip comes courtesy of user @nille4short, a TikToker who works at a tollbooth in New Jersey. Her video, which has more than 760,000 views, shows the journey she takes to get from her car to the booth.

It’s the latest in a long line of TikTok videos going “behind the scenes” at various jobs. In the past, users have detailed their experiences managing motels, styling the food for big-budget movies and even living inside the Tower of London.

The clip from @nille4short is brief but shows plenty of interesting details.

“This is how I get to the toll booth for the turnpike,” her caption reads.


[REQUESTED VIDEO] This is how I get to the toll booth for the Turnpike. #cometoworkwithme #OneSliceChallenge #StudentSectionSauce #turnpike #fyp

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The video shows a sped-up version of @nille4short’s morning — a walk she describes as being “scary.” It starts with parking at a New Jersey State Police station near the highway.

Then, the TikToker descends into a series of tunnels and stairways, which seemingly take her right under the highway. After that, she comes up on the road, just beside her booth.

TikTok users were blown away by the information.

“Swear I thought y’all just pull up and play Frogger until you get to your spot,” one user joked.

“I swore y’all had to run across traffic,” another agreed.

“You blew so many minds with this!” another added.

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