‘Harry Potter’ star Tom Felton surprised fans with an all-new TikTok challenge

Tom Felton’s TikTok page is a dream come true for Harry Potter fans.

The actor, famous for playing Draco Malfoy in the series, has gained a massive following on the app throughout quarantine. He’s also given Harry Potter fanatics plenty to freak out over — from rewatching the series for the first time in years to revealing a “secret” movie cameo.

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Now, Felton has a new TikTok challenge for Potterheads.

His task: performing a classic Harry Potter scene with him.

In a recent clip, Felton recorded himself reenacting a moment from. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, but with a catch. He wasn’t playing Malfoy, he was lip-synching as Harry.


DUET anyone ? 2nd March at 5pm PT ##PeacockPotterParty on TikTok Live , watching Philosophers Stone in full. @peacockTV muggles welcome xx

♬ original sound – Tom Felton

Ironically, the scene features almost exclusively dialog from Malfoy. This time around, Felton took on a new part.

“Duet anyone?” Felton captioned his video.

The challenge, basically, asked other TikTokers to play Malfoy while Felton played Harry. Before long, countless excited users had uploaded videos performing alongside the actor.


##PeacockPotterParty ##DracoTok with @malfoy.chociay

♬ original sound – Tom Felton

As the duet videos starting pouring in, Felton decided to post a few to his own page — where all 8.8 million of his followers could see them. Naturally, some fans were pretty dang excited.

“What in the world? DREAMS CAN COME TRUE,” TikTok user @unusualbeaut commented after Felton shared her video.

“Thanks Tom lemme catch my breath real quick,” another TikToker, Ellie Bush wrote after Felton did the same for hers.

Felton’s heartwarming fan interactions are just the latest Harry Potter content to go viral on TikTok. In recent months, users have also used the app to point out hidden movie details — like a “secret” post-credits scene and a bizarre, “Mandela effect” moment.

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