Tombstone TikTok is a surprisingly uplifting corner of the internet

You wouldn’t think that a bunch of videos set in a graveyard would be sweet and inspiring, but here we are — tombstone TikTok.

User ladytaphos, whose name is Alicia Williams, has been sharing videos of herself tidying up tombstones in Bedford, Va. — and her followers can’t get enough.

One of her cleaning videos has topped 22 million views and 4 million likes.


I’ve got to get a better tripod for these. 😂#foryou #cemetery #grave #tombstone #ladytaphos

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Cleaning gravestones isn’t Williams’ day job, but she’s dedicated.

“This is what I love. This is my passion,” Williams told WSLS.

In her videos, she thoughtfully scrubs old and forgotten graves. She even includes tips on how her audience can do it themselves.

She told WSLS her hobby started during a turbulent time in her life when she was getting divorced.

“I took to it like a duck in water. It was just something that I found that healed me and was helping me navigate through those really difficult situations,” Williams said. “It’s soothing. There is something nice about watching a rejuvenation.”

Not only is it satisfying to watch — it also unearths forgotten stories and brings light to the people buried beneath each stone.

One of her most-watched videos is a tribute to a World War I veteran, Herbert Wheeler, whose service to his country is no longer a faded memory.

Commenters were moved by Williams’ videos.

“Something about grave cleaning is so pleasant and enlightening to me, almost like I’ll be taken care of even after I’m gone,” one user said.

“No ghost is ever going to disrespect you,” another wrote.

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