TikTok users want to know if you do the ‘tongue thing’

TikTokers are dying to know if they do that, you know, “tongue thing.”

The “tongue thing” challenge is another bizarre trend that’s spreading like wildfire. Unlike other trends on the app, it has got nothing to do with dancing or personality quizzes. This time around, users are curious about how their mouths move when pronouncing certain words. 

What is the “tongue thing” trend on TikTok

To determine if they do the “tongue thing” people lip-sync to the song “Don’t Run Away” by Tyler James Williams featuring IM5 from the 2012 Disney Channel film Let It Shine. If their tongue sticks out to enunciate certain lyrics then yes, they do the “tongue thing.”

The viral lyrics are

This is more than a crush

More than a like, like

More than a love

Baby I’ma make you mine

And I ain’t giving up 

TikToker @isthisgoodmom didn’t see what all the fuss was about when she lip-synced to the song without sticking her tongue out. 

However, @mare.bearrrr couldn’t believe how much she stuck her tongue out while miming to the track


this song is blocked on Spotify now!!

♬ This is more than a crush – Anthony

“Ughh, I do the tongue thing,” @spicykimchiboi said after cracking himself up at the sight of his protruding tongue.  

Meanwhile, @cystien claimed her tongue hit the roof of her mouth rather than sticking out. 

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