Too fasting, too furious: Street-racing suspects blame behavior on being hungry

When a Florida Highway Patrol trooper pulled two sports cars over for speeding, the drivers had a perfectly valid excuse for going up to 130 miles per hour: They were hungry.

The two drivers were caught speeding on Saturday, May 9, one in a white Audi RS5 and the other in a red Mustang GT.

“Both vehicles were participating in a race,” the trooper wrote in the affidavit, according to Fox 13 News. “The driver of the white Audi RS5 successfully demonstrated superiority by overtaking the Mustang through a speed competition. Both vehicles were demonstrating the power and acceleration of their respective vehicles in an attempt to outgain the other.”

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, upon being pulled over, both drivers said they were “fasting all day” and were driving to a family member’s house for dinner. (It is currently the month of Ramadan, during which Muslims fast every day until sunset.)

Unsurprisingly, that excuse wasn’t enough to get them out of trouble. Both drivers were arrested for speed racing.

Naturally, Twitter is having a field day with these drivers and their crazy excuse for speeding.

“They were fasting n furious,” one person joked.

“Police should carry emergency snickers bars for such an occasion in the future,” another user added.

“Damn, Waffle House has its own gravitational pull,” a third person quipped.

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