7 top deals to treat your pets to on Amazon Prime Day

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Your pets don’t have money or internet access, and if they did, you’d probably be in trouble with all the treats they’d buy online.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a lil’ something special this Amazon Prime Day, now does it?

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite pet goodies and accessories that happen to be on sale right now — get ’em before they’re gone!

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1. Dog Wisdom Panel Essential Dog DNA Test For Ancestry, Traits And Medical Complications, $69.99 (Orig. $99.99)

Credit: Amazon

We want our dogs to be around forever. Give them every shot at longevity with Wisdom Panel Essential’s Dog DNA kit, which tests for potential medical complications and can discern if your dog is safe to undergo routine medical procedures. On top of that, the test can reveal fun facts about your dog’s ancestry, all the way back to their great-grandpawrents.

“We ordered this to find out what breed our dog was,” wrote one Wisdom Panel purchaser. “We got such a detailed DNA make-up. I will always do this with my dogs from now on! Extremely fun and interesting.”

2. Basepaws Cat DNA Test Kit, Breed + Health Report, $129.00 (Orig. $149.00)

Credit: Amazon

Keep your cat happy and healthy with Basepaws‘ Cat DNA Test Kit, which is able to test for 39 gene mutations that correspond to 17 feline conditions and diseases, including common kidney and heart diseases. It can also analyze where your furry friend sits on the Wild Cat Index and tell you which wild animal your pet is most closely related to. Is your cat more of a jaguar or a lion? Take the opportunity to find out.

“The fun I had trying to swab my cat’s cheek as well as the look of betrayal she gave me after the deed was done made this purchase well worth it,” wrote one happy customer. “The kit was easy to complete then mail in and the report was sent within the expected timeframe.”

3. Furbo Pet Camera, $133.99 (Orig. $249.00)

Credit: Amazon

We’ve been spending so much time at home with our pets that even temporary separation from them is growing harder. Make it feel a bit easier with a Furbo Pet Camera, which not only allows you to watch a 24/7 Livestream of your dog or cat from anywhere but also allows you to talk to them and feed them treats remotely.

“I bought this item for my girlfriend who is deployed overseas,” one reviewer said of Furbo. “She loves her dog more than anything so I knew this would be a perfect gift for her. Thanks, Furbo, your product is awesome and we all love it!”

4. HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves, $19.99 (Orig. $24.99)

Credit: Amazon

Every good boy or girl loves scritches — so why not make the event dual-purpose and brush them at the same time with these HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves. The device comes complete with bristle tips on all five fingers and round tips on the palm, allowing for a versatile expert tool capable of grooming, de-shedding, bathing and massaging your pet without hurting their skin.

“They actually work,” said one customer. “I’ll be honest. When my wife first described the gloves to me after seeing a commercial for them, I wasn’t impressed. Within 10 seconds of using them, I went from being skeptical to completely sold on these gloves.”

5. AmazonBasics Cooling Elevated Pet Bed, $20.99 (Orig. $35.02)

Credit: Amazon

No one likes a bed sweater! Keep your four-legged friends comfortable throughout the night with AmazonBasics Cooling Elevated Pet Bed, made with breathable mesh fabric. Recommended for larger animals, this cooling, elevated bed is a durable fan favorite, according to its over 13,000 reviews.

“My dogs LOVE these beds,” said one thrilled purchaser. “If there [are] 3 beds in the room, they will take the elevated bed first every time.”

6. Active Pets Back Seat Cover Protector Waterproof, Scratch-Proof Hammock, $21.57 (Orig. $26.96)

Credit: Amazon

Take your active buddy on the go comfortably and in style with the Active Pets Back Seat Cover Protector, which creates an impenetrable waterproof barrier between your seats and any muddy paws, water or fur.

“It’s a lifesaver, truly,” one customer asserted. “You have no idea how much I needed this! This cover is super easy to install, just clip on to the seat headrest and you’re done. It really helps keep the hair in place and the dirty paws away from the seats.”

7. TSYMO Automatic Pet Feeder — Timer Programmable, Voice Recording & Portion Control, $71.99 (Orig. $89.99)

Credit: Amazon

Make sure your buddy is still eatin’ good while you’re away with the TSYMO Automatic Pet Feeder. Once the device is connected to WiFi, it will allow you to feed your pet at any time, from anywhere. The gadget’s detachable feeding bowl, storage container and lid can be cleaned with ease, and its battery backup keeps the feeder working in case of a power shortage. Even more precious, it has a built-in voice recorder and speaker, so you can leave a personal voice message to call your kitty or doggy to their daily meal.

“My schedule doesn’t allow me to consistently space out meals the way my cat need[s] [it] to be and she binges if given all its food at once,” said one buyer. “I chose this feeder based primarily on its basic functionality and modern styling. The programming is quite simple if I follow the directions. It’s so awesome that it actually works in that way.”

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