Before you step outside, slather yourself down in one of the top sunscreens of 2021 according to Consumer Reports

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Yes, you should technically wear sunscreen all year long. Being indoors isn’t a reason to skip this essential skin care step, you know? If you haven’t found a sunscreen you feel good about wearing every day, you’re in luck. Consumer Reports just revealed the top sunscreens of 2021, and their list might just include the perfect pick for you.

Every year, the experts and testers at Consumer Reports carefully test tons of different water-resistant sunscreens with a minimum of SPF 30. Their sunscreen ratings are based on a few different factors, including the following criteria:

  • The sunscreen’s sun protection factor.
  • The “variation of SPF,” or how well your skin is actually being protected versus what that bottle claims.
  • The sunscreen’s UVA protection.

This year’s list of the top sunscreens of 2021 includes options at a variety of different price points and also different formulations. Check out a few of the top sunscreens of 2021 that won top honors according to Consumer Reports below:

The Best Sunscreen Lotion of 2021

Equate Sport SPF50 Lotion, $3.98

Credit: Walmart

As far as sunscreen lotion goes, the Equate Sport Broad Spectrum SPF Lotion is the best out there by Consumer Reports standards. The experts gave this one an overall score of 68 out of 100. They explain in their review that it has adequate sun protection, but the broad spectrum isn’t up to par with the SPF 50 label in their testing. Consumer Reports also notes that the Equate SPF has a floral and citrus scent with a sticky finish on the skin.

The Best Sports Spray Sunscreen of 2021

Hawaiian Tropic Island Sport Clear Spray Sunscreen SPF 30, $8.92

Credit: Walmart

With an overall score of 75 out of 100, the Hawaiian Tropic Island Sport Spray SPF 30 Sunscreen is top-notch per Consumer Reports. Testers consider this one to have excellent UVA protection, but only “so-so” SPF. However, it is on par with the SPF 30 label and has a “barely-there” feel with a coconut scent. The testers also noted that this sunscreen flammable when wet.

The Best Clear Spray Sunscreen of 2021

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sunscreen Clear Spray, Coconut, SPF 50, $9.48

Credit: Walmart

The Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sunscreen Clear Spray received an overall score of 72 out of 100. Testers explain that it meets the ‘Very Good’ mark in terms of UVA protection and SPF. However, Consumer Reports explains that it didn’t hold up to the SPF 50 label throughout its testing. Despite its coconut label the testers say the fragrance is closer to a candy scent. Like the Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen above, this spray SPF is flammable, so wait until it’s dry before getting anywhere near a flame.

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