Here are the top TikTok videos from 2021

The top 10 TikToks of 2021 show just how eclectic the app has become. 

While TikTok might be known for its dance challenges, it’s actually home to all different kinds of content. The videos that dominated For You pages everywhere this year prove it. Everything from animals to Olympic gold winners, funny skits to ASMR and, yes, a few viral dances made its annual list. 

1. @totouchanemu — Drone Dancing


I may not have @maxtaylorlifts dumpy but I do have a drone.

♬ STAY – The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber

TikToker @totouchanemu became a viral sensation when he used a drone to capture slick angles of him dancing to “Stay” by the Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber. The dance lip earned a whopping 313.9 million views. 

2. @chipmunksoftiktok  Squishy the Chipmunk hiding nuts in his mouth

Getting to watch Squishy the chipmunk fill his chubby cheeks with nuts, one by one, was nothing short of a treat. The video currently has 270 million views.  

3. @_catben_  Restocking at its finest

Catherine Benson’s ASMR video on restocking her kitchen and bathroom was viral gold. She filled containers with coffee, sugar, rice, fruit cups, toilet paper, soda and snacks. The sound of things pouring, lids snapping shut and drawers closing was strangely mesmerizing. It racked up 205.7 million views. 

4. @my_aussie_gal Dog painting

Secret the Australian shepherd went viral for using its mouth to paint a picture of a yellow flower. The dog knew exactly how to utilize a canvas, paints and a paintbrush. The artwork would have been impressive if made by a human, but the fact that it was a dog left TikTokers stunned. The video earned 183 million views. 

5. @zachking  Zach King disappearing into his art

Zach King is known for using camera tricks to elevate his videos. In his video captioned, “Never walk on someone’s chalk art,” the creator did just that. Right after someone drew a hyperrealistic crack in the sidewalk, King stepped on it and fell right in. The clever skit was watched over 174 million times. 

6. @tracy.oj  The original “Woman” dance video


How did I- !!!😳 Anyways dc: me

♬ Woman – Doja Cat

Influencer Tracy Joseph started a dance craze when she dropped her choreography to Doja Cat’s “Woman.” The video received 170.4 million views. 

7. @chaotticgoood   Please don’t go

TikToker @chaotticgoood took a road trip with her “bestie” which just so happened to be a giant toad. The funny video received over 20 million views. 

8. @felixgabrielmusic   Here comes the boy musical edition


Reply to @kimbokak THANK U GUYS FOR ALL THE LOVE, WASNTING EXPECTING TO WAKE UP TO THIS BUT TY #piano #catsoftiktok #music

♬ Here Comes the Boy – Felix Gabriel

Musician Felix Gabriel went viral with 7.1 million views after creating theme music for an adorable cat as part of the “here comes the boy” trend. 

9. @sunisalee_   Sunisa Lee celebrating her gold

Gymnast Sunisa “Suni” Lee scored major support on TikTok after celebrating the gold medal she won at the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo. The video of Lee doing her happy dance racked up 30.9 million views. 

10. @zeddywill  Bro, who got you smiling like that?


yk its serious when yu smile at da phone 😂😂😂😂 #fyp #comedy #zeddywill

♬ original sound – aka CBANDZZZ 🗣

You might recognize the viral sound of a friend lovingly asking @zeddywill  who he’s texting that always has him smiling at his phone. What would eventually become a hilarious meme scored 30.9 million views. 

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