Here are the 10 most popular YouTubers in 2021

YouTube dropped its top 10 creators of 2021 — and gamers seem to be dominating the platform. 

YouTube is a little opaque about how it chooses its top 10 in the U.S every year. However, it appears the company has chosen creators who had the most engagement within the year rather than who has the most subscribers overall. Gamers continue to shape and direct YouTube culture the most with Minecraft players being a favorite. 

U.S. Top Creators on YouTube

1. MrBeast (75.7 subscribers)

YouTube named MrBeast its top creator for the second year in the row. MrBeast rarely has trouble capturing an audience. He combines over-the-top stunts, pranks and social experiments with huge charitable donations thanks to his many sponsorships and brand partnerships. While he is no stranger to controversy, his fans have remained loyal. 

2. Dhar Mann (13.6M subscribers)

Feel-good content seems to be winning on YouTube. Dhar Mann is a filmmaker who creates scripted content that asks moral quandaries. With social justice in mind, Mann always keeps his audience engaged with thoughtful stories about everyday troubles and lofty issues.

3. SSSniperWolf (30.2M subscribers)

SSSniperwolf is known for her eclectic channel. She does everything from messy experiments, weird product reviews and reaction videos. 

4. CoryxKenshin (11.7M subscribers)

Gamer CoryxKenshin is one of YouTube’s biggest up-and-comers. The upbeat vlogger hit some major milestones this year when he hit nine, 10 and then 11 million subscribers. He’s one to keep an eye on. 

5. Dream (27.2M subscribers)

Minecraft gamer Dream has continued to keep his massive following on its toes by creating increasingly elaborate and collaborative speedruns. 

6. TommyInnit (11.2M subscribers)

British streamer TommyInnit started streaming as a member of Dream’s vlog squad Dream SMP. He then created his own channel to offer even more Minecraft content. 

7. Mark Rober (20.4 subscribers)

The former NASA engineer keeps his subscribers interested by using his expert mind to concoct new fascinating experiments. 

8. Kallmekris (4.24M subscribers)

One of the few women on this list, Kallmekris earned 3.9 million followers in 2021 alone. She creates funny skits and plays numerous characters to make her audience laugh. 

9. Technoblade (9.4M subscribers)

Another Dream SMP member, Technoblade focuses on Minecraft gameplay strategy. He scored 4.7 million followers in 2021. 

10. The Royalty Family (15.4M subscribers)

The Royalty Family is known for creating wholesome content. They melted hearts when they gave people an inside look at their adoption journey in 2021. 

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