I want to wear these Tory Burch slides all summer long (um, and they’re on sale at Nordstrom)

As someone who lived both literally and figuratively for the early 2000s, I would die for a good jelly sandal. Pretty much the minute after we left the hospital, my mom put my squishy baby feet in squishy colorful jelly sandals. Even as a toddler with no real concept of anything, I knew that I was a jelly sandal girly.

The fun thing about being a jelly sandal girly for over two decades now is knowing that jelly sandals don’t have just one look. Case in point: The Tory Burch Bubble Jelly Slide Sandal. While my heart still skips a beat over the lug sole, plastic buckle and caged foot of the classic jelly, these bubble slides are the adult update that my closet has been looking for — and I must have them immediately.

I mean, the utter joy that flooded through my veins when I laid eyes on the Tory Burch jelly slides is how I imagine I acted when my mom strapped on that first pair of jelly sandals. And you need to feel that joy too. Seriously, look how fun they are:

Tory Burch Bubble Jelly Slide Sandal, $131.60–$188 (Orig. $188)

Credit: Nordstrom

The Tory Burch Bubble Jelly Slide Sandal comes in 15 different colors to fit basically every summer vibe you can think of. I’ve already ordered the bubblegum pink color pictured above, but I’m obsessed with pretty much all of them, including the gorgeous yellow that’s giving big “sipping limoncello in Positano” vibes on sale for 30% off.

And the reviews are only making me more impatient. One Nordstrom shopper wrote that the Tory Burch Bubble Jelly Slide Sandals are the “perfect” color and fit. “Was unsure about the rubber, but it’s thick and durable,” they wrote. “Really love the comfort which also surprised me.” They continued by saying that the color is even better than it looks in the photo — and they’re already so mesmerizing.

Who knew I needed to find a pair of adult jelly slides to forget that the world is hot garbage? (Me, I did. And Tory Burch.)

Shop the Tory Burch Bubble Jelly Slide Sandal on sale before the deal ends.

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