Tourist calls out restaurant over $7 ‘salad,’ which is literally just tomatoes

“Salad” is a flexible term. If potato salad and tuna salad can be “salad,” then honestly, what can’t be?

A Reddit user in Germany seemingly found the answer to that. The tourist, who visited a local restaurant after a long day of hiking, shared their meal to the website’s “S***** Food Porn” forum.

Their “salad,” which cost them €6 (around $7), was nothing more than a plate of sliced tomatoes, topped with a few raw onions.

“This Salad for 6 Euros after a long mudflat hiking tour,” the user, writing under the name Gandi14, wrote.

The post immediately went viral on Reddit, drawing dozens of comments and more than 2,000 upvotes. As users grew more interested, Gandi14 elaborated on the meal in their post.

According to his comments, there was no dressing or seasoning on the salad whatsoever. They added that the restaurant, which remained unnamed, was on the north German island of Amrum.

The meal wasn’t egregiously expensive, obviously, but its bare-bones ingredients seemed to frustrate many Reddit users. Several called the salad “unacceptable” and a “rip-off.”

“What a waste of money, ” one user wrote.

“6 Euros for 2 tomatoes and some onion sprinkles… Those better be some good a** tomatoes…” another added.

Others seemed more angered by the dish itself, questioning whether it was even fair to call a plate of tomatoes a “salad.”

“This is classified as a salad,” one user asked.

“This is the worst thing I’ve seen on this [page]. Literally my two most hated foods put together in a profane and disturbing way. I didn’t want my day to start out like this,” another added.

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