Tourists stunned as thousands of bats swarm into shapes in the sky

Thousands of bats swarmed the skies in Thailand, giving residents a surreal show. 

The nocturnal animals were spotted out in daylight as the sun set in the Phitsanulok province. The bats were leaving their cave to start their nightly hunt for food, according to Newsflare

Footage showed the bats fly in unison to create a snake-like formation in the sky. Faint squeaks from the spooky creatures can be heard, along with cheers from excited onlookers. The trail of bats writhed through the air and there was seemingly no beginning or end to the shape as it moved over the region’s palm trees, mountains and homes. 

”The bats just kept coming and coming,” an onlooker named Beau told Newsflare. ”Even an hour later they were still flying from the caves. It was dark and they were still going.”

Thailand is home to numerous bat species but the Phitsanulok province is one of the country’s most cavernous areas. Thus, the formations are a daily occurrence in the area. 

“The bats fly every day of the year, in the rainy season and the dry. They emerge from their caves just before sunset and fly for around 20 minutes,” according to It’s Better in Thailand.  

While international tourists don’t visit the phenomenon often, it is a favorite of Thai tourists. 

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