Towboat worker stuns TikTok with video showing how dark it gets at night on the water

A towboat worker went viral on TikTok after showing just how incredibly dark it gets while floating out on the ocean at night.

The post, courtesy of a user named Trevin (@trevin_17), is just the latest viral video exploring the behind-the-scenes oddities of users’ jobs. In recent months, TikTokers have also shown how workers fill ice skating rinks, how airport ground crews guide planes around runways and how tollbooth operators get across the highway to their stations.

As he’s explained in other TikToks, Trevin works on a towboat, a vessel that pushes large barges through the water. These boats also called “pushers” or “pusher crafts,” transport all kinds of goods — from fuel to cars to food and everything in between.

That gives Trevin plenty of time out on the water, sometimes away from any light, people or semblance of civilization. As shown in his now-viral video, it can get pretty dark out there.

“Everyone posting how dark it is at night on a boat,” Trevin said. “Well, this is my job.”

In the clip, Trevin grabs a flashlight and walks outside into the dead of night. The water and sky are so dark that his light barely reaches a few yards ahead of him.

TikTok users were stunned by the footage.

“New fear unlocked,” one user wrote.

“Imagine being in that water with no light, not knowing what’s right below you,” another added.

“That’s terrifying … I love it,” another wrote.

In addition to their reactions, many viewers were also curious about Trevin’s job. So, he shared another video explaining what he does.

In that clip, he says that “80%” of the job is basically just cleaning, cooking and sleeping. It makes sense, considering tugboat workers can spend long periods out on the water at once.

He then shared another video explaining how he got the job. In that clip, he added that he works two weeks then gets a week’s break. He also said that the job doesn’t require a college education and pays pretty good money.

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