TikToker reveals the strangest things about living inside England’s famous Tower of London

A TikToker living in the Tower of London is drawing millions of views after showing off some of her home’s most unusual features.

The Tower of London is one of Europe’s oldest tourist attractions. Located directly next to London’s iconic Tower Bridge, the part-castle, part-fortress is almost 1,000 years old. It’s also home to Crown Jewels, the priceless collection of regalia worn by English royals as they took the throne.

But for Megan Clawson (@meganambxr), it’s home. According to Clawson’s TikTok page, she’s been living in the Tower since at least early 2021, thanks to her father’s job as a beefeater, the name given to the castle’s ceremonial guards.

As many of Clawson’s videos show, life inside a medieval fortress can be unique. In a recent clip, she gave viewers a look inside her family’s home.

“Things inside my Tower of London home that just make sense,” she captioned the post.


I recreated an old video of mine from a while ago as a few new people have been asking for a house tour! Enjoy #fyp #toweroflondon #housetour #GameTok #history #castle #houseoftiktok

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Clawson’s post is part of a much bigger trend on the app, where TikTokers have shared their strange or uncommon living situations. In recent months, users have posted about living at the South Pole and in an Alaskan town where “everyone” lives in the same building.

In fact, Clawson isn’t even the first Tower of London resident to go viral on the app. Last year another TikToker shared his own experience living there for a totally different reason.

Clawson’s home tour shows a porch overlooking huge castle walls, plus a dark staircase that she says “goes on forever because I live inside a 30-foot wall.”

Instead of windows, many of her home’s rooms have arrow slits, which date back centuries. In addition to those quirks, her home also appears to be filled with various weapons and beefeater memorabilia.

TikTokers were largely taken aback by Clawson’s tour.

“What a place to live!!!” one user wrote.

“I had no idea ppl lived there,” another added. “It terrifies me and fascinates me at the same time.”

Others joked about the seemingly high number of TikTokers residing at the Tower. To that, Clawson replied by sharing that a surprising 80 to 100 people actually live there.

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