‘Toxic’ boyfriend demands girlfriend put on makeup before meeting his friends

A woman dumped her boyfriend after realizing he was completely superficial

There’s nothing worse than when your significant other picks apart your looks or is just completely insensitive. A TikToker named Lily is going viral for exposing her “toxic” ex’s bad behavior. A video of a text conversation between the former couple with over 3.4 million views is making the rounds. It all started when Lily was supposed to meet her boyfriend’s friends for the first time. 

“I haven’t done makeup or anything for tonight. It’s just casual, right?” Lily asked her boyfriend over text.

“Yeah babe, but do you mind just popping a little bit on as you are meeting my mates and stuff for the first time,” he told her. “Don’t want them thinking I’ve pulled a clapped one.” 

“Now I don’t want to go because you made me feel bad about it,” Lily replied

“Ugh babe, don’t bother then, either put something on your face or don’t turn up,” he said

“Why do I always end up with toxic men?” she wrote in the caption. “Here’s to being single in 2022.” 

People shared their support for Lilly in the comment section. 

“When I tell you my jaw dropped to the other side of the Earth,” someone wrote

“Ain’t no way he thought it was OK to say that,” another commented

“And that, sir, is how you end a relationship in 3 seconds,” a user said

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