Woman calls out ‘toxic’ mother-in-law’s ‘crazy’ behavior

When you find out you’re expecting, it’s up to you when to share that news with the rest of the world. Or at least, it should be.

Unfortunately, TikToker @momma121521 didn’t get the chance to tell people on her own timeline because her “toxic” mother-in-law told everyone for her.

In a TikTok the expecting mom posted on Jan. 4, she explained how her “monster-in-law” went behind her back and told everyone about her pregnancy when she explicitly asked her not to.

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“We announced to her that we were expecting and she was super excited [and] everything,” @momma121521 explained. “She walks out of the bathroom and says, ‘Oh my god. I wanna post it everywhere. I wanna tell everybody.’ And I said, ‘No. Do not do that because we are not going to be sharing with social media or anyone except family for a few more weeks.’ About an hour later […] she indirectly posts my pregnancy on Facebook.”

“Crossing boundaries on purpose is crazy!” she added in the comments.

In the comments, many married women shared their own horror stories with their mother-in-laws.

“Mine sobbed on my husband’s shoulder during their mother-groom dance at our wedding and said, ‘Please don’t leave me for her,'” one person revealed.

“Mine told me I couldn’t name my baby what I wanted because for years she’s named all her grandbabies,” another added.

“Mine insisted on getting her hair and makeup done before me and one of my bridesmaids on my wedding day,” a third said.

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