TikTokers are sharing the ‘toxic’ things they’ve done for a new trend

One of the newest trends on TikTok has users sharing the “really toxic” things they either used to do or still do.

The trend was started on Dec. 10 by user @esraroseaa, who asked her followers about their toxic traits and then shared her own.

“Me and a few of my girlfriends share a fake Instagram to creep people,” she revealed in her video to get the ball rolling. “This Instagram we’ve really worked on over the past few years. It looks real. Any time an ex or a current guy, we need to creep them or who they follow, we use this account. So toxic.”


Yes I know it’s toxic, every girl has a fake account, and yes I’ve talked to my therapist about it and she doesn’t approve #fyp #toxic

♬ original sound – Esrarose

A surprising number of people in the comments found @esraroseaa’s admission relatable and admitted to having similar accounts.

“My group’s has been going strong for 6 years and about 25 girls use it now,” one person admitted.

“My best friend and I did this too,” another said. “We created a puppy Instagram and we have a pup star of the week and we select dogs to feature on our profile.”

Others had their own toxic traits (both current and former) to share.

“I took notes from Cher in Clueless and I would send flowers to myself to post on my Insta story to make it seem as if I had men sending them to me,” one user revealed.

“I made my ex fall back in love with me after he cheated and broke my heart and then I rejected him and made him hear about my guy problems,” another said.

User @taylorraraujo admitted in her own video that she used to drive an hour to her ex’s house disguised in a trench coat and glasses and wait outside just to see if he’d bring a girl home.

Moral of the story? We’re all a little bit over-the-top sometimes.

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