This clever hack will keep your kids from getting bored of their toys

This TikTok parent shared a brilliantly easy hack for keeping kids engaged and preventing boredom: Switch out their toys!

If your kids sometimes get bored of playing with the same old toys every day, TikToker Lauren (@lauren.clutter) has the perfect hack for you! Lauren regularly shares parenting tips and tricks on her TikTok page, and recently shared a genius hack for keeping your kids excited about their toys.

In the video, Lauren explains how she swaps out all of the toys in her family room periodically. Instead of leaving all of the toys in the family room permanently, she divides them into groups, and rotates each group in and out monthly.

“Every single month, I trade out all of the toys in our family room that are available for the kids to play with,” Lauren explains. “We have 3 rotations and this really reduces boredom and it gets the kids more interested in the toys that are available.”

Lauren demonstrates exactly how she manages her toy swaps quickly and efficiently. First, she enters the family room with a bin full of new toys. She empties the toys out onto the floor, organizing them into categories. 

“Now, the number of toys that you have available really depends on how much space you have and how many kids you’re putting toys out for,” she explains. “So when it was just my first child, I would maybe add 10 available, but now that we’ve got 4 kids, we’re gonna have more like 20 toys or so available downstairs.”

Once the bin is empty, Lauren begins filling it with the old set of toys she plans to remove. Then, she places the new set of toys onto shelves, keeping them organized by category. 

“You’re gonna want to make sure that you have books, you have thinking toys such as puzzles, you want to have pretend play, moving toys like cars, and then building toys,” she explains. “And that will keep them stimulated and loving the rotation.”

Viewers couldn’t get enough of Lauren’s useful hack!

“Love this idea. Thank you for sharing,” one viewer wrote. 

“Didn’t think about that! I am going to try it!” another TikToker exclaimed. 

“Yes! More likely they will really play with them rather than just dumping the things out,” noted another viewer. 

Another impressed viewer wondered how Lauren, who is a mother of 4, has time to swap out the toys, asking, “When do you find time to switch out all the toys?”

To which Lauren replied, “During nap time while the older kids are at school!”

While swapping out your child’s toys each month might seem time-consuming, it may be worth trying if your child often becomes bored with their toys. After all, it’s a lot cheaper than buying them all new toys every month! 

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