Tracy Tutor shares the message she wants to impart as the only woman on ‘Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles’

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Tracy Tutor continues to blaze a trail as the only female cast member on “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.”

The Bravo hit, which just returned for its thirteenth season, follows a group of high-powered luxury real estate agents. Naturally, Tutor stands out for her unapologetic nature, dry humor and fearless approach to her work. Going into her fourth season, viewers will see a Tracy that is relaxed and settled into life, while still growing her real estate business, with her two daughters and new boyfriend Erik Anderson.

Tracy Tutor appears on this week’s episode of In The Know’s pop culture interview series, We Should Talk. She talked about how the pandemic affected her business, overcoming social media criticism and being an empowering female figure on TV. She also dished about life with her boyfriend and what “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” will be like with Fredrik Eklund around full time.

“I’ve definitely had my fair share of struggles, and I do feel like a lot of the fans have been very supportive of me,” Tracy Tutor told In The Know. “Coming into this, being the only woman on the show, there was a lot of pressure to be as boss as all of the guys are, and I think I just did it my way. And fortunately, Bravo’s been really supportive. And now I feel re-birthed, or something. It’s a really good place to be.”

Listen to “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” star Tracy Tutor’s full episode of We Should Talk below, and keep reading for highlights from the interview:

Tracy Tutor on the message she wants to impart as the only woman on “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles”: “I don’t want to be the female on the show that’s regarded and protected and minding my manners. I feel like if I’m not as authentic, and I can’t make mistakes, and I can’t fail and you can’t see me have a difficult time and recover, but also continue to be successful, then you’re not really sending the picture to the rest of the universe that you can be a successful woman. You can be funny, you can be crass, you can be sexy, you can be tender, you can be a mother, you can be a wife or you can be sex-positive. The truth is, you can be all of those things! And you can still be successful. That’s the message that I want to get across. I don’t want to put on a three-piece suit and be buttoned-up. I want to be able to wear what I want to wear and be just as empowered and sexy and smart as if I was in a three-piece men’s suit.”

Tracy Tutor on Fredrik Eklund joining “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” full-time: “I definitely have some exchanges with Fredrik this season. So tune in for the last half of ‘Million Dollar Listing’ when I come at him. Listen, I think Fredrik is a gigantic success. He’s a friend of mine. I adore him. And I think when you’re successful at anything you do, and you come into new territory, humility is key. I don’t think that that’s something that’s necessarily in his repertoire. That’s something that I talk to him about early on. I said, ‘Listen, 10% of the agents are doing 100% of the business here, and if you make them all feel like you’re the hotshot in town, and you don’t create those organic bonds, you will be shut out of the city pretty quickly.’ So, he kind of had to learn that and take his own strides and steps toward that. He’s definitely had some challenges along the way.”

Tracy Tutor on people commenting on the age difference between her and her boyfriend, Erik Anderson: “The truth is that it’s not like it doesn’t come with its moments where you read some nasty comment and it starts to penetrate. And then I just realize, ‘You know what? I’m happy!’ I don’t know if it’s forever. That’s not what it needs to be! I want to live in the moment. And I want to embrace the joy that I’m feeling. I’ve never felt better. I turned 46 last week. I’m like, ‘Holy s***! We’re officially 20 years apart! Is it January yet? Because then he’ll be 27.’ The truth is that it doesn’t feel that way. He’s a bit of an old soul, and I sometimes act like I’m my daughters’ age. I think it’s a really nice shift, and I think it’s really important for females to see this. I think they tend to want to be more judgmental about it. And the truth is that it’s about being happy and embracing your own sexuality — good, bad and ugly — and whatever that is for you, rock it.”

Tracy Tutor on being neighbors with Josh Flagg: “None of this is made up! All of our neighbor stuff and the dog stuff is 100% [real]. I found him in my house, he had recorded something from my bed with my dogs. The man has no boundaries! My boyfriend’s like, ‘Is he in the bed?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah.’ [Sighs] […] We definitely have some stuff on the show where I really do try to draw a line with him, but he’s like a brother to me. So, when Erik and my daughters get frustrated — because my daughters are like, ‘He’s so obnoxious and rude!’ — I’ve had to sit Josh down and be like, ‘You need to connect with my children because they hate you. You know I love you, but you can’t just walk by them and think that they understand your humor! You have to actually say, ‘Hi, Scarlet!” She can’t stand it. Juliet’s warming up, but you’ll see. The two of them have a whole episode this season.”

Tracy Tutor on hanging out with Josh Flagg and Sonja Morgan during her visit to Los Angeles: “First of all, the two of them together are a riot. They both love the camera so much that it’s hysterical to watch [them]. We did have a fun night together, and she came over here, actually, for cocktails. They had been, let’s just say, at a long, long lunch prior to that and maybe another party. So, by the time they stopped by and I pulled out a bottle of rosé, I was like, ‘Maybe some crackers and cheese!’ Those two together are a riot. I think I’m naughty? I mean, she’s so naughty, it’s really a hoot!”

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