TikTok users accused pop-punk band Tramp Stamps of being an ‘industry plant’ — here’s why

TikTok is roasting Tramp Stamps, a new pop-punk emo band that some users claim seems like an industry plant.

Tramp Stamps is a girl group that appears to have formed as early as April 2020. But to Gen Z their image — right down to their colorful hair and torn stockings — feels too much like marketing and less like artistry. 

Why is Tramp Stamps being called out on TikTok?  

TikTokers feel that Tramp Stamps may be an “industry plant,” or an artist who presents themselves as independent or self-made, but really is a manufactured product from a record label. 

“There’s a ‘punk’ band that everyone on TikTok is making fun of because they’re obviously an industry plant and their music has … a ‘Tumblr edgelord’ vibe. Like their entire aesthetic is so forced that I almost feel bad for them,” @DannyVegito tweeted.

Some have noted that the band members each have connections to record labels. Singer Marisa Maino and guitarist Caroline Baker have released a few EPs, while drummer Paige Blue is a songwriter with Downtown Music Publishing and Pray for My Haters. Others felt their website was the result of a marketing team. 

Tramp Stamps just doesn’t feel authentic to some.

The user @dandydemon pointed to a video where the band was rating songs as emo or not emo. The band members couldn’t recognize a popular My Chemical Romance song — anyone who knows emo knows that MCR is iconic. 

“What really baffles me about this entire phenomenon is the fact that industry figureheads thought that putting these — this group together would be what young people are interested in,” TikToker @seapunkhistorian said in the video.

Others like @beccabeean highlighted how overproduced and stylized their Instagram photos are. 

Some called out their lyrics for being problematic.

The song “I’d Rather Die” by Tramp Stamps features the lyrics, “I’d rather die than hook up with another straight white guy.” Many people on TikTok pointed out every member of the band was white themselves, and one member is married to a cis white man. In fact, the song was so heavily roasted that it was removed from TikTok. 

Tramp Stamps addressed the issue in a video where they said they didn’t intend to “fetishize” people of color and that the song was the result of their experiences with white guys. In another video, one of the members said she was gay.

That wasn’t the only troubling part as @fubyrights pointed out, the rest of the lyrics are worrisome since they appear to be pressuring a drunk guy into having sex. 

“I don’t know how you think we’re gonna f*** / When you can’t get it up / I’m sick of hearing ‘it’s the alcohol’ / And when you’re finally in the mood / It lasts like one or two seconds and then you’re done and wanna spoon,” the lyrics state.

Tramp Stamps might be affiliated with controversial music producer Dr. Luke.

The lyrics seem particularly disturbing when you consider their affiliation with Dr. Luke, aka Lukasz Gottwald, aka Tyson Trax. 

Baker is signed to Prescription Songs, a music publishing house owned by Dr. Luke. Meanwhile, Tramp Stamps is signed to Kobalt Music Group, which is partly owned by him as well, according to Rolling Stone

In 2014, the Grammy-nominated singer Kesha filed several lawsuits against Dr. Luke for sexual assault and emotional abuse. Kesha, however, did not win the lawsuit. 

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