Travel blogger gets slammed for ‘tone-deaf’ recap of 2020

For most of the world, 2020 was hardly a year to celebrate. The global pandemic took the lives of more than 1.8 million people worldwide, plus cost an estimated 40 million jobs in the United States alone.

If the only thing you ever saw this year was Barbora Ondrackova’s social media feed, though, you’d have no idea a highly contagious virus was ravaging the world. On Instagram and TikTok, the travel blogger has continued to post curated photos and videos of herself traveling through cities like Copenhagen, Dubai and Budapest, while countries impose curfews and lockdowns to avoid the further spread of COVID-19.

Well, recently, Ondrackova decided to recap her year in travel with a TikTok video — and if you haven’t already pieced it together, the video did not go over well.

In the video, Ondrackova parties, drinks, shops and enjoys brunch in some of the world’s most attractive cities. Never once is she shown wearing a mask or distancing herself from others, both of which are suggested by the CDC to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

Ondrackova’s video was meant to be a celebration of her own eventful year — but instead, most people saw it as a “tone-deaf” post during a time when traveling is highly discouraged.

“This is so insulting to the nurses/doctors and everyone else trying to survive this pandemic,” one person said. “But no, you just keep dancing.”

“This is what happens when you simply ignore everything going on in the world,” another added.

“Did I miss the point where COVID became optional?” a third joked.

Ondrackova never traveled to the United States during the pandemic, which partially explains why and how she was able to travel to European countries so easily. Still, during a time when people can’t even see their families, some things are better left in the drafts folder.

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