TikToker reveals ‘brilliant’ trick for staying safe in hotels and Airbnbs: ‘Crazy [that] it works’

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Whether you’re staying at a hotel or in the comfort of your home, the threat of intruders is always scary.

This product claims it can ensure that your door is always secure even if the burglar has a key. The Viientra Safety Door Lock is a portable compact door lock that can provide 95 percent more security than door chains and sidelocks. It requires no tools to install and is small enough to put in your pocket or purse. 

Viientra demonstrated how easy it is to set up on its TikTok account, adding “Stay safe this summer!”

“Crazy it works,” one commenter said on the video. “My landlord tried to walk in she unlocked the door but was confused when she couldn’t come in”

The tiny product has an interesting design. It’s a red plastic triangle with a small metal peg chained to a thin metal slab with a square hole and a triangular hole. It’s almost hard to believe the unassuming device is supposed to be so powerful.

Installing the door lock is easy. You just insert the door’s deadlock into the metal slab’s square hole. Then insert the peg on the red triangle into the metal slab and shut the door. The mechanism is supposed to prevent the deadlock from budging no matter who is trying to get in.

Whether an intruder tries to open the door by force or by picking the lock, the contraption prevents it from opening. There’s just no way to “unlock” the door once the Viientra is on. 

“It’s my job to travel and stay in hotels and this lock makes me feel much safer,” one customer said. Meanwhile, another purchaser gave it a “10 out of 10,” saying the Viientra made the “door impossible to open from the outside.” 

This easy hack can give you peace of mind and maybe even save your life in an unlikely scenario!

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