Travel photographer shows how the sun never sets during Alaskan summers

Sara is a 20-year-old landscape and travel photographer who travels the country, picking up seasonal work as she goes.

Currently the artist is situated in Alaska, where she’s making the most of all the wildlife and nature that the state has to offer.

Since it’s currently summer in Alaska, Sara recently decided to make a video highlighting just how crazy summer nights there are.

Summer nights in Alaska aren’t crazy because of unruly parties or anything like that. Rather, as Alaska Public Land Information Centers explains, in some of the state’s northernmost communities, the sun does not set for the majority of May, June and July.

“At the equator, the sun rises straight up from the horizon and sets straight down to it,” the organization explains. “In Alaska, the sun travels in a slanting 360 degree circle in the sky, so even if it’s below the horizon, it’s barely below it for a long period. This means that even though the sun isn’t visible, we still receive very bright twilight that can last for hours or until the sun rises again.”


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In Sara’s video, which was recorded on a summer night at 1 a.m., the sky is bright and glowing orange and yellow.

In the comments, people who are unfamiliar with this summer phenomenon expressed their disbelief and confusion.

“Oh boy my brain would be confused,” one person said.

“I wouldn’t know how to act if that’s how 1am looked like,” another user commented.

“This is why I have trust issues,” a third person joked.

Moral of the story: If you suffer from insomnia, consider moving to Alaska for the summer!

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