TikTokers proving ‘everything can be an album cover’ with new filter

TikTokers are going against the grain by turning unorthodox and bizarre photos into album covers with a new filter. 

Created by TikTok, the filter has over 651,000 videos attached. The #albumcoverchallenge also has over 840 million views. The filter starts with a five-second countdown and then takes a picture. That picture then gets put into the middle of the frame and is shown as an album cover. While there are many songs that people are putting in the background, the trend typically has “Money” by The Drums as the soundtrack. 

One of the most popular videos under this trend came from @swannandtheberries, who was simultaneously participating in the cottage core trend. Her video currently has nearly 18 million views and over 3 million likes. 

“YOU ARE MAJESTIC OMGGG,” @thefreckledzelda

Some fans even took the liberty to name the albums which each of the different pictures, as the album covers aren’t given names in the filter.

“1- falling in flowers 2- history 3- sleeping in nature 4- scenery 5- in my palace,” replied @hidingfrom_poppy

The point of this trend is to get the most random photos possible, and users are doing just that. 

“No cuz I stg literally anything can be an album cover, it just depends on the song that goes with the cover,” replied @random.posts9091.

Each video is supposed to have five photos; there are now hundreds of thousands of album covers because of this trend. Although the caption in the trend is, “Proof that not everything can be an album cover,” participants are showing otherwise.

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