Trending meme from ‘Workaholics’ has TikTokers thankful for their lives: ‘Saw my entire life flash before my eyes’

A trending CapCut template has TikTokers thankful they survived some of the scariest moments of their lives.

The clip comes from Workaholics when Adam DeMamp (Adam DeVine) fell out of a tree and had a near-death experience. Afterwards, his friends tried to console him and ensure that everything was going to be okay. However, DeMamp was clearly distraught and yelled at the top of his lungs, “Oh my God! I almost died! That was so scary!”

TikTokers are going through the same fear and relief that DeMamp felt, specifically when it comes to driving. 

“Me when i check my blindspot and there’s actually a car there,” wrote @hahabrooklyn in her post. 

“Me after the first time I merged into a highway,” said “Saw my entire life flash before my eyes. 

While some people are getting over bad driving experiences, others have been facing scary situations inside the house. 

“Me washing the dishes and a piece of food touches me,” said @emdilemma_

As the comment section showed, touching food in the sink can be a terrible experience. 

“I remember when I stopped doing the dishes after some grits touched me I felt violated,” replied @mikalacrazy.

One place users are having a tough time is at the gym, especially with a certain exercise.

“Every time I do split squats,” @courtneysnelll said.

Whether TikTokers are out in public or just doing chores at home, they are taking deep breaths and getting past traumatizing experiences. 

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