Who is Trey Lander? TikToker known for ‘speaking in cursive’ inspires parodies

A TikToker is being collectively roasted for his groan-worthy videos with relationship quips and for his unique voice that has been dubbed “speaking in cursive.”

When Trey Lander’s videos started getting attention on TikTok, people were eager to weigh in. The influencer uses an allegedly unnatural, lower speaking voice. Many believe it is a forced attempt at sounding cooler and even celebs are teasing Lander for it. 

What is speaking in cursive? 

Speaking in cursive is rooted in singing in cursive. This singing style, popular among indie women singer-songwriters, is considered raspy and strained with poor enunciation. Stars like Lorde, Sia and Halsey are said to sing in cursive. 

Trey Lander gets roasted for speaking in cursive


it’s always the people that have no chance w you that’ll call you a “h03” remember that #fyp #foryou #4u

♬ original sound – ₮ⱤɆɎ Ⱡ₳₦ĐɆⱤ

In a video, he declared, “Bro, hot girl summer does not exist. If you’re a hoe just say that.” 

People did not care for his comments and his voice least of all.

“Have some water,” someone wrote.

“Trying so hard to have a deep voice not realizing he sounds like a drowning robot,” a user joked.

“If I asked a girl for Chapstick and she just pulls me in to kiss me, I would simply just pass away,” Lander says in a video. 

The TikTok received over 6.8 million views and he was promptly roasted again. 

“The forcing of the voice,” a person said

“Someone translate what he said,” a user commented

“You sound like the noises the grudge makes,” another wrote

The user @lexyylexyy was eager to have her dad weigh in on Lander’s video. 

“Why you showing me this s*** for?” her dad succinctly responded. 

Then @imprettypogg just made rattlesnake noises for his impression of Lander.

“Sounds likes an aggressive toad,” a person said.

“You sound exactly like him,” a user added.

Even Doja Cat couldn’t help but dunk on Lander. She mimicked his speaking style by making random noises.

“LMAO. He’s speaking in cursive,” someone wrote

 “Thank you for calling out this behavior,” another said

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