Woman pregnant with triplets shares jaw-dropping footage of her belly: ‘My back is breaking just watching this’

A woman pregnant with triplets shared jaw-dropping footage of her belly on TikTok.

A mom-of-triplets-to-be who goes by Taming Triplets (@tamingtriplets) on TikTok has been chronicling her pregnancy and growing belly on the social media platform.

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The woman initially became pregnant with twins and then naturally conceived a third baby ten days later — but she’s taken it all in stride and her pregnancy update videos are filled with positivity and excitement.

At her 28-week bumpdate, she wrote, “Every week I get bigger I think ‘I can’t stretch anymore…’ and then I do!!! Women are warriors.”


Every week I get bigger I think “I can’t stretch anymore…” and then I do!!! Women are warriors. #highriskpregnancy #firsttimemom #triplets

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In the video, the 5-foot-tall woman goes on to share the positions of her three babies. She says that Baby C has “settled in right under my ribs,” while Baby B “has settled in right around my belly button area.” Meanwhile, Baby A is “really underneath, tucked back in there” at the bottom.

“They’re all so squished in. I’m only five feet tall,” she added. “It’s not very comfy.” She’s certainly preaching to a choir of current or former pregnant parents!

She also mentioned that she had “no stretch marks yet,” to the shock and awe of many TikTok commenters. 


Some commenters chimed in with sympathy pains.

“My back is breaking just watching this,” said one honest TikTok commenter.

Other commenters showed support and remarked in amazement at Taming Triplets’ growing belly. 

“This is amazing, I wish you and the babies all the love and health in the world. Keep slaying Mama,” said one. 

“Absolute hero!!” added another.

Despite pregnancy being such a common experience, it’s videos like these that prove growing a tiny human (or three tiny humans!) inside of you is nothing short of amazing.

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