Triplets’ secret language reveals ‘dada’ is in on their plans

A TikTok video featuring a discussion between baby triplets in what appears to be their secret triplet language revealed that they have something secret in store for their “dada.”  

TikToker AmyJo Hasselquist (@heyhoitsamyjo) is an aunt to identical triplets who shares cute clips of the three baby boys, tracking their growth and development. Recently, Hasselquist posted a video of the triplets having a discussion, and while most of their language is coded in baby talk, it’s clear from their frequent use of the word “dada” that their father has a big part in whatever scheme they’re planning. 

The clip opens with the text, “Sounds like dada is on whatever they’re scheming,” typed over a shot of one of the triplets, sporting a onesie with sloths printed on it while sitting on the floor. 

As the baby boy coos and raises his hand to get his siblings’ attention, the camera pans to show the other two babies sitting across from their brother, who fervently tells them, “DadaDA,” before breaking down into giggles. 

In response to their brother’s statement, the other two babies’ eyes light up before each one cracks a big grin. The baby in the sloth onesie continues talking about “dada” with such an eager facial expression that it appears as though he’s spilling some hot tea on their father

As the video comes to a close, the baby in the sloth onesie gestures toward one of his brothers as if to say, “You are NOT going to believe what I’m about to tell you!” 

Viewers got a big kick out of the triplets’ meeting of the minds. 

“I feel like this is a scene out of Baby Geniuses,” one user mentioned, referencing the ‘90s comedy about talking babies. 

“When three businessmen discuss,” joked one TikToker with a string of laughing emojis. 

“The one in the blue is definitely the mob boss,” one viewer noted. 
If the triplets are already concocting plans as babies, who knows what hijinks they’ll have in store for their parents in the future?

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