Who is Trixxie World? The faceless DJ is blowing up on TikTok

On the internet, anyone can become a somebody β€” even if they don’t ever show their face. In fact, some of the latest and greatest influencers have used the allure of anonymity to develop a devout fan base β€” think Sia, Marshmello, and more recently, gamer and horror story extraordinaire Corpse Husband.

Now, anonymous DJ Trixxie World is setting herself up to be the next great faceless star. Even if we don’t know what she looks like, we do know some things about Trixxie World. Keep reading to learn more about the up-and-coming social media sensation.

Who is Trixxie World?

Trixxie World is a popular DJ, gamer and TikToker who is known for her signature pink bunny mask and her fans, whom she calls trixxsters. Though she only created her YouTube and TikTok accounts in March 2019 and October 2019 respectively, she has already amassed a relatively large following on both platforms: As of writing, she has over 7,000 subscribers on YouTube and 1.5 million followers on TikTok.

Not much is known about Trixxie World’s personal life or background. One thing we can deduce, though, is that she lives in Los Angeles since most of her Instagram posts are tagged in the city. From her pictures and videos, you can also tell that the musician has long blonde hair that she likes to dye bright hues.

Why is Trixxie World famous?

Trixxie became a recognized name in the world of electronic music when she collaborated with the trio Cheat Codes on “All Of My Life” in June 2019.

“We decided to collab wit [Trixxie] because we really agreed wit what she stood for as a artist,” Cheat Codes explained on YouTube when the collab first debuted. “Trixxie is a female dj that has plans to take over, and shake up the dance world. Her goal is to team up with women in everything and empower each other, to make women voices be heard. In this male led industry women need to be higher up on the charts, and given more chances just like the men in this industry. Trixxie is all about girlpower, peace and love! Trixxie is here to show the world that girls and women can work just as hard as men, and can do anything men can do!”

Though Trixxie is relatively new to the music world, her Spotify bio notes that she “has been working to perfect her craft for years.” Through her music, she hopes to “spread a message of peace, love and positivity.”

Will Trixxie World ever do a face reveal?

Trixxie has teased a face reveal several times, but she’s never actually gone through with it.

In April, for instance, she told her followers that she would do a face reveal once she reached 1 million followers.

Well, on Sept. 30, she finally reached 1 million followers and did that “face reveal” β€” except, of course, she didn’t actually show her face. In the video, she took her pink bunny mask off and edited another Lego-like fake head onto her own.

Most recently, on Nov. 16, Trixxie made a duet with another user revealing what other anonymous musicians like Daft Punk and Sia look like and captioned it, “I still can’t believe no one has figured out who I am yet.” This led many people to believe that she might actually be a familiar face in disguise.

“I feel like it’s Trisha Paytas,” one person said.

“If I had to guess you’re probably Melanie Martinez,” another speculated.

“I feel like she’s Bella Poarch,” a third added.

Credit: TikTok

In light of this, some celebrities and influencers have actually taken to the comments of Trixxie’s videos to deny that they are secretly moonlighting as the DJ.

At the moment, Trixxie’s TikTok bio teases a “surprise” once she hits 5 million followers. Given her track record of failing to follow through on promises, though, we wouldn’t get overly excited about a face reveal any time soon.

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