TikTok users are freaking out over a ‘game-changing’ secret Netflix feature

TikTok users are freaking out over a new hack to see every true crime documentary on Netflix.

It’s all thanks to Netflix’s “secret codes,” which give users the ability to search for hyper-specific genres like “Showbiz Dramas” or “Alien Sci-Fi.” All they have to do is type a few numbers into the app’s search feature.

The codes have gone viral online before — mainly because many people still don’t know they exist — but now they’re back. It’s all thanks to a video from TikTok user Laura Lindsay.

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In Lindsay’s clip, she reveals her “Netflix hack” for finding true crime documentaries on the app. Of course, that hack is typing in the code (9875) that brings them all up at once.

“Every single crime documentary,” Lindsay’s caption reads. “Thank me later.”


Netflix hack for all you crime bingers ##netflix ##crime ##thankyou

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Many TikTok users were blown away by the trick — either because they didn’t know about the codes or because, like so many of us, they have an unhealthy obsession with true crime.

“This is a game changer,” one user wrote.

“You just made my life better,” another added.

“Love it,” another wrote.

Others weren’t as impressed. Some users complained that Lindsay’s “hack” wasn’t really a hack — a common complaint among TikTok commenters. Those who were on board, though, took the opportunity to share some of their other favorite codes.

The codes are all available online, and some helpful websites — like the aptly named NetflixCodes.com — have complied a list. To search for the codes you want, all you have to do is pull of Netflix’s search feature, then type in the number of the genre you want.

Here’s a full chart of the codes:

Credit: Bonus VPN

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