Try out these hacks to upcycle single-use plastic water bottles

Don’t throw out your used plastic water bottles and soda bottles. Upcycle them instead! There are so many fun DIY ways to reuse plastic water bottles that will let you cut down on your plastic waste and exercise your creativity at the same time. Here are 3 inventive plastic bottle hacks that make going green fun.

Plastic Water Bottle Hack 1: Make a Bird Feeder

Love watching the birds in your backyard? Then this bird feeder hack is for you. Grab a plastic water bottle and a dry erase marker. Mark two spots at the top of the bottle where you plan to cut, then use a craft knife to cut small holes in the plastic. Thread a piece of twine through the holes and tie it in a bow. Then, mark two spots on the lower third of the bottle for perches. Cut holes in the bottle, then slide two sticks through to create perches the birds can sit on. Finally, fill the bottle with bird seed, poke a few holes for birds to eat out of, and use the twine to hang the bird feeder on a branch!

Plastic Water Bottle Hack 2: Make a Planter

Make an adorable planter for small houseplants and succulents using a soda bottle or water bottle! Start by drawing the outline of an animal of your choice on the bottle using a dry erase marker. Then, cut the shape out with scissors. Paint the bottle, draw on a face, and fill with soil and plants!

Plastic Water Bottle Hack 3: Make a Makeup Brush Holder

This DIY makeup brush holder is a great way to express your creativity. Start by cutting the tops off of several water bottles, then paint the bottles different colors. Decorate the bottles with washi tape, then glue them together. Place your new makeup brush holder on your bathroom counter for easy storage! 

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