Try these incredible hair dryer hacks

Chances are you own a hair dryer. But did you know that this beauty essential can do a lot more than just dry hair? Here are 5 life-changing hair dryer hacks that will save you time when it comes to cleaning up messes around the house, packing for your next trip, and more!

Hair Dryer Hack 1: Remove Stickers

Easily remove stickers and price tags with your hair dryer. The hot air helps loosen the glue, allowing you to peel it off without any residue!

Hair Dryer Hack 2: Remove Dust From Hard-To-Reach Places

Blast dust-filled nooks and crannies with cold air from your hair dryer. The dust will blow on to the floor where it can easily be swept up with a broom. 

Hair Dryer Hack 3: Fix Wrinkled Clothes

Remove pesky wrinkles from your clothes using a hair dryer! First, spray the wrinkled areas with water, and then blow dry. The result is wrinkle-free garments without the use of an iron or ironing board. 

Hair Dryer Hack 4: Dry Toiletries Before Packing

If you want to sneak in a shower before a flight, but don’t want to pack a wet sponge or loofah, use your hair dryer to dry your toiletries before packing them in your suitcase. 

Hair Dryer Hack 5: Clean Up Kids’ Coloring Messes
Use your hair dryer to melt off crayon drawings from the wall! If your little Picasso has used your walls as a canvas, blow hot air onto the masterpiece and it will help melt the crayon and make wiping it off a lot easier.

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