Try this ‘cursed’ cookie recipe — if you dare

You’ve probably attempted baking in quarantine.

Maybe you tackled something complex you’ve always wanted to try.

Maybe you worked on your survival skills and learned how to do something basic for the first time.

Maybe you just baked bread, and you know what, that’s great.

Here’s the problem, though. At some point, you’re going to run out of things you want to bake.

TikTok user laurenapolis demonstrated exactly what happens when you reach the end of the road when it comes to creative recipes by creating something … dark.


r̶̘̮̹͌a̸̺͛i̷̞̰̒̍͝ŝ̶͇͐̉i̵͔̫̺̅͛́n̴͔͖̬͝ ̵̨̮̯̐̃̉w̶̯̅̽̄i̷̜̳̾͒͘ͅt̷̜͇́͗͝h̸̙͖̊̇͜ ̶̭̣̒̐c̴̲̝͋ȯ̵̰̕ǒ̴͕̯̀̌ḱ̷͍̻ͅḯ̵̧̯̫̍͌ȇ̶͈̈́ ̷̳̈́c̵̦̰̻̀ḥ̷̉̈i̵̱̺͑̽ṕ̷̛͙̰s̴̢͉̓̏̊͜

♬ Creepy doll – Dark Fantasy Studio

Putting raisins in any cookie is a controversial move. This video turns that notion completely on its head by daring to ask the question: What if the entire cookie was made of raisins?

Laurenapolis created a number of tiny, raisin-shaped balls of dough, baked them, added them to a circular pile of raisins and …. well, that’s it, really. She made the inverse of a chocolate chip-raisin cookie.

Other users had a strong reaction to the monstrosity, which many of them deemed “cursed.”

“Wow very creative. Please never create again,” one wrote.

“I want to rip my eyes out,” another said.

“I am very upset,” a third agreed.

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