TikToker accidentally dyes face orange after DIY mask mishap

A woman’s DIY face mask fail is going viral on TikTok after she accidentally dyed her whole face orange with turmeric.

Lauren Jay explained in a video that she had been experiencing some pretty painful breakouts — mainly along her lips — so she researched face masks that could help with pimples. She came across a turmeric mask, which she decided to try because she already had some of the spice in her kitchen.

“It’s got benefits for like acne and wrinkles and skin irritation,” Jay narrates in the TikTok. “But the thing is I’ve just applied it to my face and my entire hand has turned yellow.”


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“I knew as soon as you said turmeric,” the top comment on the video says.

Turmeric can temporarily dye your skin yellow or orange, depending on the purity of what you’re using. In Jay’s case, that’s precisely what happened.

“When I take this off my face, I’m going to resemble the moon,” Jay joked.

After applying the spice, Jay’s entire face — everywhere except circles around her eyes and lips — turned dark yellow.

“I’m literally going to the supermarket with my dad tonight, I’m really hoping that makeup is going to cover this,” she added.

After scrubbing a little harder, Jay managed to get her skin back to its regular color, although the lighting still made it seem like there was a faint yellow hue over her face.

“This is the best it’s going to get,” she said.

“How have you gone your whole life without using turmeric? I’m surprised people don’t know it stains,” one TikTok commenter replied.

“I’m scared for you,” another added.

Should you dabble in making your own DIY turmeric face mask, be careful not to keep it on for more than 10 minutes, and don’t scrub too aggressively when removing it because it can irritate your skin. Instead, wash thoroughly with your hands and then take a wet washcloth and wipe your face until you’re satisfied.

Other TikTokers recommended cutting the turmeric with milk, honey or yogurt when making the mask.

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