Turn paper plates into something fun and practical with these folding hacks

Paper plates have so many uses beyond making mealtime cleanup easier. They’re perfect for DIY crafting! With a pair of scissors, some glue, and some creativity, there’s no end to the fun and useful ways you can transform paper plates. Whether you’re looking for an art project that will entertain your kids or an inexpensive way to make snack containers for a dinner party, you need to try these nifty DIY paper plate folding hacks!

Paper Plate Folding Hack 1: Make a Paper Plate Flower Centerpiece

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to decorate your home for your next birthday or dinner party, try making a paper plate flower centerpiece for your table! Start by folding a paper plate in half three times, then draw a curved line along the top, and cut it out. Unfold the plate and use a pencil to curl the edges. Repeat this process with a few more plates, making the cut-outs progressively smaller, then layer them on top of each other. Use the remaining paper plate scraps to make the center of the flower by cutting them into a fringe shape, rolling them up, and hot gluing them together!

Paper Plate Folding Hack 2: Make a Paper Plate Snack Container

These DIY snack containers are perfect for parties and movie nights with friends! Just cut two slits on both sides of a paper plate, crease the sides backwards, and fold the edges around the sides. Tape the edges to secure them, and your paper plate snack container is complete! Fill it with snacks like popcorn, pretzels, or candy, and dig in!

Paper Plate Folding Hack 3: Make a Paper Plate Hot Air Balloon

This paper plate hot air balloon is the perfect rainy day activity for kids. Start by cutting a paper plate into the shape of a hot air balloon basket, then cut it into a fringe starting at the bottom. Cut the other half of the paper plate into strips, and weave them into the basket. Attach a couple of straws to the top of the basket, then affix another paper plate to the other end of the straws. Let little ones decorate their hot air balloon however they want, and it’s ready for takeoff!

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