Former TV game show contestants share behind-the-scenes secrets

The r/AskReddit community is a treasure trove of everything from industry secrets to surprising life advice. Seriously: Whether you need information, spooky stories or guidance, r/AskReddit can help.

So, on Sept. 7, one user who goes by olymp1a posed the question they sought answers to: “People who have been on TV game shows,” they asked, “what are some ‘behind-the-scenes’ secrets that regular viewers don’t know about?”

A surprising number of Reddit users had pertinent information for olymp1a: As of writing, their question has received 30,500 upvotes and more than 4,000 comments.

In the comments, people shared juicy secrets about popular shows like “Married at First Sight,” “The Price is Right” and “Cash Cab.”

One person revealed that “Married at First Sight” is actually a “horrible experience.”

“A work colleague of mine was one of the couples in ‘Married at First Sight,'” they said. “She had a horrible experience, needed counseling afterwards and is still receiving an ‘appearance fee’ (read: hush money) even though her season aired like 5 years ago.”

“Producers would extract personal info about the people being paired up prior to the coupling and then do the opposite for dramatic tension,” they continued. “Also, producers would leak information to others to set up a stand-off. So perhaps one person might say something over drinks to another in confidence. The producers then take that and plant it with another person so that over dinner it comes out and drama ensues.”

Another user said that when they were on “The Price is Right,” they lost because the producers let their opponent rebid.

“[The producers] let the other girl in the Showcase Showdown (“Price is Right”) rebid after the audience booed her original bid (something silly low like $10,000),” they said. “When it aired, they cut her original bid and showed only her second, winning bid. I lost.”

“That is some bull****!” one commenter said in response.

A third person revealed that “Cash Cab,” the popular trivia show that takes place inside a covert NYC taxi, actually has a “vetting process.”

“You can’t just hail a cab in New York which turns out to be the Cash Cab,” they disclosed. “There is a vetting process, but you don’t know you are going to be on the show so the reaction is genuine. Also, there is a lot of awkward silence time while he is listening to the producer in his ear. There is a cameraman riding shotgun unseen on TV. The money he gives is prop money for TV. They mail you a check after the show airs.”

The Reddit thread is chock-full of juicy insider information about some of the most popular TV game shows and talk shows out there. Check it out for yourself to learn what actually goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling.

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