TV-loving cat demands human put on her favorite cartoon every day: ‘It’s like she understands everything’

This cat can’t start her day unless she gets a healthy dose of cartoons. 

The TikTok page @ellawatchestv_ is all about the 12-year-old cat Ella. The senior feline stole the heart of her owner back in 2019. The pet owner never planned on getting a cat until she went to an adoption center and Ella licked her. The pet owner said she began to notice Ella’s love for television “about a month into adopting her.” Now the rest is history. 

“Like clockwork — every day my cat waits for me to put on her cartoons,” the caption read

The pet owner opened her bedroom door, and there was Ella perched right outside of it. She was sitting down waiting. Ella then went to the living room and sat in her gaming chair. 

She meowed quite demandingly but eventually, her owner put on an episode of Max and Ruby to keep her occupied. Ella looked completely engrossed in the cartoon. 

The hilarious video racked up 3.4 million views on TikTok. 

“It’s like she understands everything. It’s impressive,” a person wrote

Kids these days, only on their phones or tv, no one plays outside anymore,” another joked

“The look when you opened the door I can’t,” someone added

“Maybe she was a lil baby/young child in her past life & that’s why she likes to watch cartoons” a TikToker replied

“Aww Max and Ruby, your cat has good taste,” a user commented

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