Influencer finds out TV show used her Instagram photo in scene

An influencer was stunned to learn that an Instagram photo of her and her boyfriend was used without her permission in a Chinese TV drama.

Rianne Meijer showed her TikTok followers the original picture of her and her boyfriend, Roy Atiya, posing on a trip in Switzerland. The couple are based in Switzerland and the photo, according to Meijer’s caption, was uploaded in 2019 for Atiya’s birthday.

But then one of Meijer’s followers was apparently watching the drama Summer Again when she noticed the exact photo in a frame in one of the scenes — but with one major change.

“Remember this picture,” Meijer narrated in the TikTok, showing the original Instagram. “This is a picture I posted with my boyfriend a while ago. Watch.”

Meijer then shows a scene from the show where one of the characters says, “Because I can see myself being happy and joyful.” The character then looks at a picture frame on the counter which holds Meijer’s Instagram photo – except Meijer’s face was covered with the actress’s face.

“Who is that?” Meijer laughed. “What is this? I mean they look good together, I don’t know. It’s fine.”

The clip has been watched over 3 million times with commenters going crazy over the show’s choice to not use a stock photo.

“The fact that you even found out about this!!” one person said. “This is hilarious. Like they couldn’t just take their own picture? Editing was easier?”

“There are SO many couple stock photos,” another added. “WHYYY would they go to this effort?”

“OMG they better pay you,” a commenter wrote.

It didn’t seem like Meijer was in any rush to shame the show or demand money. In an update she posted in the comments on Oct. 14, she did ultimately receive a note from the show.

“The crew of the show sent an apology this morning and honestly, ALL GOOD,” she said. “They are so sweet and this gave us a good laugh.”

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