New Yorker reveals an ‘easy’ hack for spotting celebrities on the street

A TikToker is going viral after sharing how to spot movies or TV shows filming in New York City — and catch a glimpse of their stars.

The tip comes from the aptly named account NYC High Life 9 @nychighlife), which points out secrets, tips and events happening in the city. The page has plenty of popular clips detailing lesser-known facts about New York, but this video seemed especially juicy.

In the clip, which has more than 1 million views, the TikToker explained how to easily find celebrities around town. It’s a secret many native New Yorkers probably know well — but users who live elsewhere seemed particularly interested.

The trick? Look for the cones.

“Easy way to see some celebrities?” NYC High Life captioned its post.

As the TikToker explained, roads that have sidewalks fully blocked off with orange cones are usually closed for filming — whether it’s for a TV show, a commercial or a movie. There’s typically an orange sign showing what’s filming on that block, and for how long.

In NYC High Life’s example, a new season of the crime series The Blacklist was currently filming.

“Also make sure you don’t park there or else you’re getting towed,” the TikToker added.

TikTok users reacted with a wide range of emotions — from jealousy to excitement and more.

“One of my favorite shows!” one user wrote.

“Can you walk down there?” another asked.

“Giving away our NYC secrets,” another joked.

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