Tweezers may be the secret to a flawless nose contour

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If you’ve ever tried to contour your nose, you know it isn’t as easy as it seems. Get it wrong and your nose could look smudged with dirt instead of perfectly defined. 

In the latest episode of Pretty Beautiful, video producer Lisa Azcona tries an easy hack to get the perfect nose contour. And all your need is a pair of tweezers

“The tweezers are supposed to make this process easier, so I’m excited to see the results,” she says.

To try the hack for yourself, grab a liquid concealer that is the shade of your usual bronzer color. For reference, Lisa uses Maybelline’s Fit Me Concelar in Walnut. Apply the concealer to the edge of the tweezers, then glide the tweezers down the bright of your nose to create two parallel lines. Next, join the two lines together at the end of your nose. If you look a little ridiculous, you are doing it right. 

Tweezerman Rose Gold Point Tweezer, $20.19 (Orig. $24)

Credit: Tweezerman

Use a small buffing brush to work in the product, blending it in well. Then, apply a liquid concealer matching your skin tone to the middle and outer area of your nose to help clean up the darker concealer, blending with a makeup sponge to create a uniform contour. Lisa uses Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Sand.

Once your nose is contoured to your liking, set it all in with translucent powder and a blending sponge. Finally, add a bit of highlight to the tip and bridge of your nose for that killer glow. Lisa uses a high-shine option from COVERGIRL that won’t break the bank.

“My nose definitely looks more snatched, and it has more structure and dimension to it,” Lisa says, checking out the finished result. “I think the tweezers were super useful in helping me create those parallel lines.”

Lisa adds that she loves the mess-free nature of the hack, which allowed her to limit and control the amount of dark concealer she put on her nose.

“It’s the perfect tool for beginners,” Lisa says. “Obviously if you’re a pro, you can definitely do without it. But it’s good to know that the tweezers can be a resource to add to your makeup routine.”

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