‘Twerking toddler’ uses coffee table as her stage to dance every time Megan Thee Stallion plays

A baby known as the “twerking toddler” can’t help but get into the groove. 

Ellie loves to move her body to the beat of all kinds of music. The baby girl can’t help but feel the rhythm as she twists, jumps and sways to her favorite tracks. Her father documents Ellie’s dancing evolution on TikTok to her 67,000 followers. He dubbed her the “twerking toddler” himself.

The dancing tot went viral with her very first video, inspired by none other than rapper Megan Thee Stallion


Every time Body by @theestallion comes on, throws everything of the table and takes the stage #babiesoftiktok #body #dance

♬ original sound – Ellie’s Dad

“Every time ‘Body’ by Megan Thee Stallion comes on, [she] throws everything off the table and takes the stage,” the caption read

Ellie was minding her business until “Body” started playing. When the beat dropped, she tossed everything aside and jumped up and down. Then, she climbed on top of the coffee table as if it were her stage. She stood at the center and swayed from side to side. 

The adorable video racked up 6.3 million views. “The music flows through her,” her dad wrote in the comment section. 

Toddlers are like little drunk adults. I love it,” someone joked

“I too get on tables when this comes on,” another said

“That girl is a performer. Cleared the whole table so quick,” a user wrote

Babies are actually born with a predisposition to dance. A study by the University of York’s Department of Psychology found that infants between five months and two years old are essentially programmed to move to music. 

“Our research suggests that it is the beat rather than other features of the music, such as the melody, that produces the response in infants,” Dr. Marcel Zentner, who conducted the study, told Science Daily. 

“We also found that the better the children were able to synchronize their movements with the music, the more they smiled,” the doctor added

Well, there you have it — little Ellie was just doing what she was born to do!

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