What is a twin flame and how is it different from a soulmate?

Sometimes you meet someone else and you feel a magnetic connection. It’s almost as if you’ve found a missing piece of a puzzle. Whether romantic or platonic, some TikTokers might say you’ve discovered your “twin flame.” 

The hashtag #twinflame currently has 1.2 billion views on TikTok. People seem determined to find their other halves, even if it means dabbling into a bit of mysticism and the occult. It’s not uncommon to see folks using crystal balls and tarot cards to get a little closer to their twin flames. 

What is a twin flame? 

In Symposium, the Greek philosopher Plato talked about the theory of Aristophanes. He claimed that humans originally had four arms, four legs, a head with two faces. When these original humans became a threat to the gods, Zeus, king of the gods, split them in two. Now every human feels incomplete until they reunite with their other half — or “twin flame.”

Twin flames are meant to spiritually enrich each other and alter each other’s lives. The relationship can be romantic or platonic. 

Is a twin flame different than a soulmate? 

While you can think of a soulmate as another soul you’re meant to connect with, a twin flame is considered the same soul split in two. Moreover, you only have one twin flame but can have many soulmates. 

A twin flame challenges you to grow, often bonding over similar traumas, while a soulmate is there to complete you. Soulmates are said to last forever, while twin flames tend to part ways once they’ve learned from each other. 

How to know if you’ve met your twin flame 

TikToker Niki Patton said the first sign is unexplainable chemistry, you always know what each other is thinking, have the same sense of humor and complete each other’s sentences. 

Another good indicator is if liking the person felt different than liking anyone else you’ve known. According to Patton, a twin flame is usually someone you never expect it to be and often ends in a crash and burn. 

“Sometimes twin flames are not meant to last and they are just meant to be an experience,” Patton explained

Is your twin flame toxic? 

You and your twin flame may have toxic moments in your relationship. Because a twin flame is a mirror of yourself, things can become volatile. A twin flame may force you to confront your inner demons by reflecting them back at you. This can result in many twin flame relationships being on-again-off-again.

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