Monitor catches babies using ‘twin language’ to communicate from separate cribs

A mother captured her twins speaking their secret language on the baby monitor. 

Jack and Ivy are twin babies with 368,000 followers on TikTok. The dynamic duo is completely in sync with each other and can practically read each other’s minds. One night, the baby monitor recorded an incident when they were sleeping in their respective cribs, and Jack woke up. The footage revealed just how well the twins can communicate without so much as articulating an actual word. 

Jack and Ivy’s mom translated the “twin language” so that her followers would understand exactly what went down. 

“Jack wakes up alone and throws his binky (pacifier) at Ivy, trying to wake her up,” the mom wrote

When Jack realizes he lost his binky, he calls out to wake Ivy up. 

“Reluctantly, she stretches and wakes up,” the caption read

Ivy stood up in her crib, walked straight over to Jack’s binky, and picked it up. 

“Here you go, bro. I got you. Here’s your binky,” the video stated

Ivy put the binky right into Jack’s mouth and happily hopped away. 

The video received over 25.9 million views on TikTok.

“This is the most adorable thing ever! She knew exactly where to go and what he needed. So sweet,” a user wrote

“My twins are 19 now, but when they were babies, one of them would break the other out of his crib,” another commented

“Very smart baby. She understood the assignment,” someone added

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