Twitch streamer reveals how bald people wash their faces

A Twitch streamer humored a cheeky question about how bald people wash their faces to the delight of his viewers.

Ryan “Northernlion” Letourneau is a YouTuber and Twitch streamer well known for his quick wit. While streaming, a viewer asked him how bald people know when to stop washing their face, joking that without a hairline, how can you tell where your forehead ends and your scalp begins?

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This was obviously a troll but Northernlion decided to go along with the joke anyway.

“So here’s what you do,” Northernlion said on his stream as he raised his eyebrows and scrunched his forehead. “You act like you’ve just seen some of the dumbest stuff you’ve ever seen in your entire life.”

“And where the wrinkles stop,” he continued as he touched the edge of his forehead wrinkles. “That’s the line between where your hair used to be and your forehead. So you can see the hairline there. The wrinkles are on the forehead and then this part right here that’s smooth, that’s the head part.”

Northernlion’s chat erupted in laughter and memeing.

“That’s so genius,” one of the viewers commented.

On Reddit, users were similarly amused by the streamer’s explanation.

“Honestly the most naturally funny streamer on Twitch in my opinion,” one user said. “Guy [has] been cracking me up for 10 years now.”

“Saving this for when male pattern baldness is through with me,” another user shared

“Wait, he’s bald?” yet another user joked. Acting shocked whenever Northernlion references being bald is a running joke in his stream. 

Northernlion was part of the cohort of streamers who joined Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez during her Among Us broadcasts. During one of the streams, Northernlion asked AOC if her experience dealing with toxicity in League of Legends has helped her navigate Congress. It very much has.

The Canadian streamer has also recently become a father. He and fellow streamer Kate Letourneau announced the birth of their daughter Luna in September 2020.

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