Twitch streamer shuts down troll over sexist joke

A Twitch streamer clapped back at a troll who made a sexist comment to her while she was playing a match.

Negaoryx is a voice actress and variety streamer who was playing Dead by Daylight when a troll in her Twitch chat made a sexist pass at her. She posted up the interaction on Twitter which has since gone viral.

“99% of the time, I ignore trolls and ban them,” Negaoryx said in the tweet. “1% of the time, I do this.”

“Hi ! what color is your thong today?” the viewer wrote.

“!” is a common Twitch command to request basic information about the streamer from the channel bot, such as the type of mouse the streamer is using or their age.

Negaoryx sighed and had some choice words for the troll.

“Respect women,” Negaoryx said on her stream. “You just absolute infant of a human.”

The troll defended themselves by claiming it was “just a joke”, to which Negaoryx retorted by quoting stand-up comedian Mike Birbiglia. Negaoryx cited Birbiglia’s bit on how “joking” being used as a cover to say harassing and abusive things without repercussions has actually watered down comedy.

“… you were never joking in the first place,”  Negaoryx continued on stream. “You were just being a misogynistic, sexist piece of s***… you think you’re the hero of your own story but you are a footnote in everyone else’s.”

Many on Twitter came out in full support of Negaoryx, which included fellow streamer Pokimane and Mike Birbiglia himself.

Another Twitter user posted a screencap of Urban Dictionary’s entry for Schrödinger’s D********, a cheeky term for when someone says something hateful or harassing only to retroactively declare they were “joking” as a cowardly defense. The term is a riff of Schrödinger’s Cat, a famous thought experiment that posits that a cat inside a box filled with harmful material can be considered both alive and dead.

Unfortunately, female streamers have long been targets of sexist harassment on Twitch and other streaming platforms. The abuse that female streamers endure can also spill over and impact people associated with them. Lisa “STPeach” Vannatta has long dealt with sexist comments and her husband, Jay Chae, is also constantly attacked by racists online.

As for Negaoryx, the outpouring sympathy in the aftermath of her tweet also net her a bunch of new followers.

Just don’t remind her about the rabbit.

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