Twitter is losing its mind over this absolutely massive skeleton decoration

Photos of an enormous skeleton lawn ornament have gone viral on Twitter, with users absolutely fawning over the spooky piece of decor.

Home Depot’s 12-foot-tall “Giant-Sized Skeleton with LifeEyes” makes for a “spine-tingling centerpiece” this Halloween season, according to the product’s official listing.

And social media users seem to be particularly obsessed with the decoration, as multiple photos of the somewhat ungainly bone man continue to circulate on Twitter.

“The Home Depot giant skeleton is the only good thing to collectively happen to us this year,” one user captioned a collage of the product. “I love him.”

The photo series — which shows the skeleton not only looking massive in front of a two-story house, but also towering over a Home Depot store display wearing a branded smock and tied atop a tiny car en route to his final destination — has since been retweeted over 45,000 times and has racked up more than 295,000 likes, as well as tons of hysterical replies.

“Adding this to the baby registry,” one user replied.

“Every time I go to home depot with my brother or sister it is an extreme struggle to convince them not to impulse buy a $300 12 ft skeleton,” said another. “Yes, I know it would look awesome mounting your truck like it’s a horse. However, that’s still $300 out of your budget.”

“My local one knows that spookiness is no excuse for irresponsibility,” shared a third, along with a photo of the giant skeleton wearing a face mask.

Sadly, the best thing about the skeleton might just be its biggest con — the sheer mass of the product might make it hard to store, as one Twitter user pointed out.

“My only issue is storing it,” they wrote. “If I had room to put him 11 months of the year, I’d set him up to wave over my fence at the Walmart across the street.”

But don’t rule out the purchase just yet: Another user has come in clutch with the perfect storage solution.

“With a variety of seasonal hats you can leave it out all year round,” they suggested.

Problem solved.

SHOP: 12 ft. Giant-Sized Skeleton with LifeEyes, $299

Credit: Home Depot

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