Twitter users can barely look at this ‘nauseating’ bathroom design

A “nauseating” image of a strangely designed bathroom is going viral — and causing plenty of headaches in the process.

The photo, which has been shared widely on social media over the past several weeks, features what at first glance may seem like a totally normal shower.

After a few seconds of inspection, however, it becomes clear that something in the bathroom is very wrong — especially for those who have vertigo or get nauseous easily.

The shower’s design is a sort of optical illusion, with its slanted curtain rod and tiles giving the impression that the entire room is tilted sideways. In reality, though, the bathroom is completely level.

That realization didn’t stop social media users from expressing their discomfort with the image, with many admitting that once they saw the “dizzying” perspective, they “couldn’t even look at it” anymore.

“I would get vertigo every time I showered,” one user wrote on a Facebook post sharing the same image.

“Oh my word — I couldn’t handle this,” another added.

“If I walked into that room, I would continually fall into the sink,” another joked.

Some users were less critical though. A few even said they liked the design, which they found creative — or possibly even pragmatic.

“That’s one way to cause laughing and dizziness for visiting drinkers. Know your limits,” one user joked.

“I could go for this. It is so unique!” another added.

The strangely shaped bathroom is just one of several “cursed” design images to go viral in recent months. In early June, a home listing in New Orleans took the internet by storm after social media users noticed there was a toilet on its stairwell.

A month earlier, a house in Maryland gained plenty of attention thanks to a “secret” village hidden in its basement.

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