Twitter was unprepared for this photo of a rich person’s kitchen

A bizarre photo of a fancy kitchen has baffled social media users after writer Kate Wagner shared it on Twitter.

Wagner is the creator of the popular bi-weekly blog McMansion Hell, where she writes about architecture, urbanism, history and design. But the funniest component is when Wagner shares photos of suburban mansion monstrosities and writes takedowns of the over-the-top homes.

Wagner recently shared a reader submission on Twitter — a photo of a spacious kitchen with granite countertops and enormous windows overlooking a green backyard.

But there’s an element of surprise and curiosity in this image and, as Wagner says in the accompanying caption to the photo, “you are simply unprepared for this.”

Not only is the kitchen stocked with a number of chairs that enters double digits, but all of the chairs are also floating.

At first, it seems impossible to understand how someone is supposed to get into the seat. A couple of people in the replies proposed that maybe the chairs swiveled out since they can’t be pulled out.

But then came another major concern.

Then people started to panic over how many of these unusable chairs were actually in the kitchen.

Wagner even tweeted out a follow-up image with a different angle of the chairs — which included another chair not featured in the first photo.

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